Market Notices

  • June 29th
    BKT Liquidity Mining Program start of the second Epoch
  • June 29th
    Daily rewards over BKT balances change to 6bps 
  • June 29th
    Minimum order sizes adjusted, see Fees & Limits 
  • June 28th
    BKT Liquidity Mining Program end of the first Epoch
  • May 31st
    BKT Liquidity Mining Program Launch
  • May 31st
    Delisting the following trading pairs: EURS-USDC, BTC-NZDS, ETH-NZDS and NZDS-USDC
  • May 31st
    Daily rewards over BKT balances change to 12bps 
  • May 02nd
    New Listing: UNI, trading pair UNI-USDC
  • April 25th
    New Listing: SHIB, trading pair SHIB-USDC
  • April 18th
    New Listing: APE, trading pair APE-USDC
  • April 11th
    New Listing: CRV, trading pair CRV-USDC
  • April 04th
    New Listing: AAVE, trading pair AAVE-USDC
  • March 30th
    BKT hourly rewards become daily
  • March 28th
    New Listing: SPELL, trading pair SPELL-USDC
    New trading pair: LRC-USDC
    Removed trading pair: LRC-USDT
  • March 25th
    Flash Promo: 24h to double your BKT 
  • March 21st
    New Listing: LINK, trading pair LINK-USDC
  • March 20th
    Maintenance downtime: starts at 11:00pm ends on March 21st at 07:00am [EST]
  • March 14th
    New Listing: GALA, trading pair GALA-USDC
  • March 10th
    New Listing: NZDS, trading pair: NZDS-BTC, NZDS-ETH and NZDS- USDC
  • March 07th
    New Listing: MANA, trading pair MANA-USDC
  • February 25th
    New Listing: AXS, trading pair AXS-USDC
    New Listing: SLP, trading pair SLP-USDC
    New Listing: MATIC, trading pair MATIC-USDC
    New Listing: SAND, trading pair SAND-USDC