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Fees & Limits

Blocktane accounts are free to create, and deposits of Brazilian Reais and cryptocurrencies are also free of charge. There are transaction fees charged for trades made on the platform and to process withdrawals.

There are no custody charges for holding your assets on the platform.

For all trades, Blocktane charges on a “maker” and “taker” basis. Maker fees are applied when a user places a passive order on the platform which rests in the orderbook, such as a Limit Order. Taker fees are applied when a user places a trade on the platform that immediately executes against the orders shown, such as Market Order.

Trading Fees

Maker Fees: 0.15%

Taker Fees: 0.25%

Minimum Order Size

BRL/PAX 1.00

BTC/BRL 0.00001

BTC/PAX 0.0001 

BTC/USDT 0.0001

ETH/PAX 0.001

ETH/BTC 0.001

ETH/BRL 0.001

LETH/ETH 0.0001

PAXG/PAX 0.0001



Withdrawal Fees (BRL)

Bank transfers in Reais are charged a fixed R$10 fee.

Withdrawal Fees (Crypto)

Bitcoin: 0.0005 BTC

Ether: 0.005 ETH

Lasso Ether: 0.005 LETH

Paxos Dollar: 4 PAX

Pax Gold: 0.005 PAXG

Tether Dollar: 10 USDT

Stasis Euro: 4 EURS


Standard account withdrawal and deposit limits for all clients per 24 hours are:

Brazilian Reais 100 000 BRL

Bitcoin 1 BTC

Ether 35 ETH

Lasso Ether 10 LETH

Paxos Standard 20 000 PAX

Paxos Gold 10 PAXG

Tether 20 000 USDT

Euro Stasis 10 EURS

Limits can be increased by contacting Blocktane support. Increases may be subject to additional financial health information requests due to Anti-Money Laundering requirements.