How do I deposit cryptocurrency into my account?

1.Click on "Wallets" tab.


2.Click on the "Deposit" button for the cryptocurrency asset for which you wish to deposit funds.


3. Clicking on deposit, a screen will appear for you to select a network. With the exception of Bitcoin, all other cryptocurrencies deposited on the platform must use the Ethereum network.

step 1 new deposit flow

4. Confirm that the deposit is being made using the Ethereum network.

Step 2 - new deposit flow

5. After the confirmation, a screen will appear with the QR Code and the deposit address. Remember to always confirm the deposit address and minimum amount before sending your cryptocurrencies.

Step 3 - new deposit flow (1)

Your deposit will be automatically credited to your account when it is received by Blocktane on the blockchain. Note that transaction fees might be charged by the blockchain at the time of sending.