How to go through the verification process (KYC)?

Questions about the KYC process?

The document validation process is important to ensure the security of transactions within the platform and must be done by regulatory requirements. Here are some tips to make this process as easy and quick as possible.

General Tips

Here are some important tips that are useful for all requested documents:

  1. Photos must be clear and all corners of the document must be visible.
  2. Clean your phone camera before photographing your documents.
  3. Do not use applications to scan documents. A good photo of them is enough.
  4. Do not use flash to photograph your documents. Find a bright spot and try not to move the camera to get the best shot.
  5. We do not accept screenshots. Your documents must be photographed or in PDF format.

Proof of Identity

The first document required in the registration process is a proof of identity. For this document you can use an Identity Card, Passport, Driver's License, or Residence Permit (document issued when you are an immigrant and reside in another country). Here are some important tips about this document:

  1. Your document must be valid. Expired documents are not accepted by the system.
  2. Your document must not be damaged or torn.
  3. If you choose to use digital documents, be sure to insert the QR CODE to validate it, otherwise it will not be accepted. Give preference to the use of physical documents.
  4. If possible, remove ID’s from the plastic cover before taking the picture.
  5. Use recent documents. Documents with older photos may be rejected by the system as they make facial recognition difficult.
  6. Do not send forged documents or documents that belong to someone else, this will cause your profile to be rejected.
  7. The system requires you to photograph the front first and then the back of your document for validation. Pay attention to this step.
  8. All data must be legible.

Selfie and Liveness Check

This step is important to confirm that the person opening the account is, in fact, the person on the ID provided in the previous step. Below are some tips to help you with this process.

  1. Clean the front camera and look for a bright environment to perform this step.
  2. Pay attention to the application guidelines.
  3. Make sure the person taking the selfie is the same person as the ID that was sent. If the person in the selfie is different from the person in the ID picture, the system will reject your profile.

Proof of address

The last step is to provide a valid proof of address. This step can generate some doubts and is the most common cause of profile rejection. This document must be in your name, have your full address and must have an expiration date within the last 6 months. The following documents are accepted by the system:

✅ We accept:

  • Utility bills such as water, electricity, and gas
  • Internet or cable TV bills
  • Local phone or cell phone bills
  • Tax returns
  • Credit card invoices
  • Bank Statements (must contain your name, full address and issue date)
  • Government issued residency certificates

🚫 We do not accept:

  • Screenshots
  • Product Invoices
  • Credit card photos
  • Medical bills
  • Purchase receipts
  • Insurance statements
  • Residence declarations

Below are some important tips:

  1. Do not use applications to scan documents. A good photo is enough.
  2. All corners of the document must be visible. Don’t photograph just the address, ok?
  3. The proof of address must have an expiration date within the last 6 months.
  4. Your document must have an visible expiration date, otherwise it will not be accepted by the system.
  5. Don't just photograph a mailing envelope. Make sure you take a photo of the whole document, showing your full name, full address and the expiration date.

Don't have proof of address in your name?

It is natural that some people have their proof of address in the name of their parents, spouses or owners of the properties in which they reside.

These cases need to be manually checked by our compliance team, so your profile may take a little longer to be approved. For this reason, if you can, always choose to enter a proof of address in your name.

See below the requirements for approving these documents:

Proof of address on behalf of parents:

  • A proof of address in the name of your parent is only accepted if the user is under 40 (forty) years old and his/her parent’s name appears in their ID.
  • No additional documents are required, the comparison process will be done using the identity document provided in the first step.

Proof of address in the name of the spouse or partner:

  • In this case, the user must include in the system a recent marriage certificate or registered civil partnership agreement.

Proof of address on behalf of the landlord /owner of the property:

  • If you live in a third party's property, you will need to upload the rental agreement registered in the notary's office and a proof of address of the last six months in the name of the landlord/owner. Be sure to forward all pages, especially those with a signature and seal of registration issued by the notary's office.

Proof of address on behalf of a third party (that does not fit into the options above):

  • If you do not fit into the above cases and live with a third party, you will need to forward the following documents:
    • Proof of address of the third party;
    • Third party identity document;
    • A statement signed by the confirmed third party that you live at the aforementioned address;
    • Third party selfie showing this statement legibly

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