Phases, Time Frames and Epochs

The BKT Liquidity Mining Program is divided into three Phases. Each Phase represents a different methodology for calculating user participation towards the applicable BKT Reward Pool. The methodology is evolving through the Phases in order to improve trading experience and the quality of the order books.

The BKT Liquidity Mining Program will occur over the course of time periods called Epochs.

Each Epoch is measured as 28 days. Each Epoch starts at 15:00:00 UTC on its first calendar day, and ends at 15:00:00 UTC of its final calendar day. Epochs therefore have a 24 hour gap separating one from the next. This time gap allows Blocktane to both update any parameters which are changing between Epochs as we move from one Phase to another, and to ensure an orderly start to counting user participation in the next Epoch.