The Future

There are great plans in mind for Blocktane and especially around BKT! We can’t wait to bring you many new tools and features. 

Maximizing the utility and efficiency of your capital, is a core need for all participants in the crypto universe, and is one of the least addressed.
Over the coming months, Blocktane will be rolling out yield bearing crypto savings accounts and enable borrowing of stable coins against other crypto. You will be able to put your idle assets to work, or get some liquidity when you need it against your portfolio without having to sell.
For power traders:
Blocktane will increase our order management tools for advanced users enabling you to improve your trading and executions.
For casual users:
Blocktane will introduce an easier, faster set of tools to let you quickly buy or close any positions and clear out all your balance from any collection of assets to a single base assets such as stable coins or supported fiat currencies.

Our mobile app will also be launched in weeks ahead. Keep informed about your account on the go!


Lookout for updates to the tools you will use to stake BKT inside Blocktane to enable your platform benefits. Blocktane will broaden the variety and utility of platform discounts and unlocked features enabled by staking BKT.