Second Factor Authentication - 2FA

How to create two-factor authentication code (2FA)

Before using the two-factor authentication code (2FA), you need to add your Blocktane account to a code generator app like Authy or Google Authenticator following these simple steps:
First, please download the app (Authy) and create an account;
Then, check this article to create and add your Blocktane account to this app: Getting Started.
Attention: the code changes every 30 seconds.
This code is an additional layer of security to your account and will be required to most of the actions on the platform, including to log in.Feel free to contact our support channels in case of any doubts.


Reset 2FA

In order to disable your account two-factor authentication (2FA), to allow you to create a new one, please send to, a “selfie” of you holding a paper showing the written message: “Reset 2FA” + date.
This is a policy to prevent frauds and ensure it is actually you who is making this request.