What is BKT?

Blocktanium is an ERC-20 token, adopted as the Blocktane ecosystem token to enable users to maximize their utility of the Blocktane exchange and its growing network of digital asset tools. Blocktane is continuously adding features or extensions of the Blocktane platform to increase the relevance of BKT.

Token smart-contract address:
ERC-20: 0x9d62526f5Ce701950c30F2cACa70Edf70f9fbf0F
Total Issuance: 100,000,000

Launched in June 2021, early users of Blocktane were rewarded with a 250 BKT airdrop to thank them for joining Blocktane.

For the remainder of 2021 and early 2022, BKT was further distributed to Blocktane users through referral code bonuses and BKT staking rewards paid to users who held balances of BKT in their Blocktane account. BKT was also occasionally rewarded through periodic incentive campaigns communicated through Blocktane social media.
BKT was never offered in an initial token sale. BKT has only been distributed as rewards, and has been available to buy or sell in liquid markets within Blocktane and external liquidity venues since its launch.

BKT is currently listed on Loopring.io, a Layer 2 scaling Ethereum DEX, Uniswap, and of course on Blocktane.io against four USD stablecoins for your convenience. Follow the latest statistics about Blocktanium on Nomics here.

Blocktanium, through the BKT Liquidity Mining Program will be a focus for Blocktane as our tool to reward traders and market makers who provide liquidity on the exchange.