What is the BKT Liquidity Mining Program?

Blocktane’s Liquidity Mining Program is our way of aligning the Blocktaner community with Blocktane in growing our market size and encourage new order flow to be directed to our Exchange.

This is our single largest endeavour to date. We are excited to announce that 50% of the total BKT supply will be provided as rewards to our community through their participation in this program over a nearly four year program term. This giveaway exhausts the original BKT supply, and no program in the future will ever be as big as this!

The program is divided into three Phases which represent an evolving set of rules according to which Blocktane measures and accounts for participation in our markets and allocates participation points toward a share of our BKT Rewards Pool.
Each Phase has one or more Epochs, which are 28 day time periods during which a fixed one million BKT are allocated as our Rewards Pool to be distributed to users who participate in accordance with the applicable rules.

Blocktane deliberately made our BKT Liquidity Mining Program very long term. It is important to show our users we are committed to the long term, and to continually give the community a reason to choose to trade on Blocktane often. With a total of 50 Epochs, each measuring 28 days, meaning a total 1400 days or 3.83 years, Blocktane is putting our resources into making our platform attractive, competitive, high liquidity, and directly rewarding for our clients.

We encourage users to review our Liquidity Mining Program rules for each Phase, and to discover the utility and excitement of BKT in growing our ecosystem!

As Blocktane becomes larger and BKT affords greater utility within the scope of fee savings and multiplier value in BKT Rewards Pool participation, users will quickly understand why they need to join in!