Who we are

Launched in 2020, Blocktane was designed and built in partnership with Tritum and operates a high performance digital asset exchange infrastructure designed with technology and principles from traditional financial markets to serve clients with equal confidence and quality as any other financial institution.

Tritum is a team of former financial services professionals who are focused on creating top tier quality solutions for securities and cryptocurrency markets using technology and business practices from their career histories in regulated securities markets. Tritum’s team has held senior roles at Nasdaq, Toronto Stock Exchange, securities regulators, broker dealers, and sophisticated high frequency trading firms.

Blocktane’s team is committed to being leaders in digital asset liquidity and exchange innovation. We understand the needs of retail, and professional clients to achieve their transaction goals between cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and stablecoins.

Blocktane operates in compliance with global standards for Know Your Customer, and Anti-Money Laundering applicable to digital assets. We hold ourselves to higher standards on client asset safety, security, and segregation. We believe your coins are your assets, and endeavour to provide maximum transparency and information regarding how they are custodied and managed to ensure confidence in our solutions.